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Dinesh Rao*

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An autopsy study of suicidal hanging

Original Article

Author Details : Dinesh Rao*

Volume : 6, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 108-112


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Background: Hanging is the most preferred method of Suicide. Individuals are known to use different Ligature material and suspend completely or partially. hence, it is important to understand the Parameters involved in it. Large number of Suicidal death are reported.
Objective: To Understand Suicidal Hanging by studying different parameters involved in it like Ligature Material, Type of Knot. Sex and Age Group, involved, kind of Suspension and Position of knot.
Materials & Methods: A total of 634 cases were studied Crime scene examination was done only in those cases where their were Suspicion on the Suspension Deaths. Rest of the cases the crime scene photographs and investigating officer records were the inputs. Only Suicidal Hanging were Considered for the Study.
Result: Suicidal Hanging contributed to 6.5% of the Total Cases. The Ropes[27%%] and Stole [36%]Contributed to the Most Preferred Ligature Material and Shoe Lace contribute[0.5%] to the least preferred Material for Self Suspension. Complete Suspension was observed in 62% of cases. The Majority of the Victims were Females contributing to 62% of the Deaths. The Major Age Group[50.76%] Involved was between 21-30years and the Uneffected Age group were those in the Extremes of Life i.e 1-10 and 61-70years. A Slip Knot was used on 97.73% of suspensions. In 78% of Suspension the Position of the Knot was situated over the [Typical Hanging]Nape of Neck. Married Victims Contributed to 37.45% of cases.
Conclusion: The different Parameters of Suicidal Hanging are necessary to understand the Suicidal Nature of Hanging.

Keywords: Suicidal Hanging, Ligature Material, Asphyxia, Suspension, Slip Knot, Hanging Types, Age, Sex, Typical hanging

How to cite : Rao D, An autopsy study of suicidal hanging. IP Int J Forensic Med Toxicol Sci 2021;6(3):108-112

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